Use SMS (Text) Messages to Hold a Contest

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If you would like to harness the power of SMS (text) messages to run contest and grow your list of subscribers dramatically.  Find out how here.

Text messaging contests are a fun and inexpensive way to interact with your customers and make some new ones. Who doesn’t like to win? Everybody does. Its just a natural emotion. So why not have a little fun while gaining market share in your market. I have found that most people will participate if you make it easy for them. Text contests are the most easiest way to get people involved with your business. All it takes is figuring out a prize to offer. This can be a service or product you currently offer. Just have your customers text in a keyword to a predetermined phone number.  They are automatically entered into the contest.  When you are ready to pick a winner you just click a button and the system will automatically pick a winner.  No tampering is possible because the computer picks the winner.

Now here comes the beautiful part.  You can then market to those people who entered the contest.  You can send them promotions you are having.  Or you can send them coupons for discounts on products and services you offer. Because these people are already interested in your offerings that the targeted marketing you will be doing to them will help increase your advertising ROI.

So sign up now with to start your text marketing campaign. Email and say “I am ready to start text marketing”. Or text it to (219)228-1372 and we will get you set up right away to take advantage of this exciting marketing opportunity.

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