Is your advertising paying off?

What are you getting from your current advertising efforts?  Do you even know?  Why continue to waste money on old advertising strategies.  You need to go where everybody is to have an effective marketing plan.  And everybody is going mobile.  You have seen all the smartphones and iPhones all around.  Hell, you probably have one yourself.  So let me ask you this.  If you receive a text message how likely are you to open it up immediately or as soon as you can?  Very likely I’m sure. Just like most people.

So why not advertise where you know it will be received and viewed.  The open rates are better than email.  And so are the conversion rates.  Send a text message with a limited time offer and watch how many people will actually take advantage of it.  A lot.  Why? Because no one wants to miss out on a good thing.  So if you show it to them then they will respond.  You just need a way to get the word out instantly, effeciently, and of course cost effective.  With a high ROI.

So call, text or email us to start your text marketing campaign.  Here is our contact information: (219)228-1372 to call or text and for email.